Wednesday, June 20, 2012

As my husband likes to sing to me 'I'm a Winner'!

Happy First Day of Summer....finally!

I don't normally do blog challenges. However, Michael Strong of posted this little doodle on his web page and blog. His May challenge was to do something with it using only black, white, and gray, with the additional option of silver! The doodle was susch a challenge, I carried a Xerox print around for several weeks before deciding I wanted 'to do something with it'.....the Kimono is the end result.

I used black satin ribbon with a silver edge, gray paper, and of course, Zerox copies of the doodle. It goes without saying I used Mike's Kimono die and pattern - even though using his stamps/dies/pattern was not a requirement in the challenge.

Happy to report I am one of the winners and will be receiving his new 'Hexagon' stamp! Woo Hoo! You can check out the other winning cards by clicking on 'Mike's Blog' on the left of his web page .

Paper Hugs,